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  1. Heads of Churches / Mission Authorities of our Mission Schools: Roman Catholic Church, Methodist, Anglican, Christian Brethren, Presbyterian
  2. The Malayan ChristianSchools Council and Education Council members of the Mission authorities
    • meaningful involvement
    • commitment to educational needs
  3. Ministry of Education officers including the Minister and Deputy Ministers
    • to be approachable
    • to understand M.C.S.C. needs and requests
  4. Director-General and State Education Departments
    • to remember 'consultation' when vacancies occur
    • to delegate to reliable Officers
  5. District Education Officers
    • to treat mission schools fairly
    • to recognise their needs and be sincere in meeting them
  6. Boards of Governors/Managers
    • Chairpersons
    • to meet regularly
    • to be involved in a meaningful way in the school
    • to pray for the school
  7. Bible Knowledge SPM
    • that more churches will undertake to organize classes
    • that more people wil volunteer and learn to teach
    • that numbers offering SPM as a subject will Increase
  8. Christian Teachers in rural schools
    • feel God's protection and presence when lonely
    • to be faithful in reading the Word and practice of their faith
    • to not be intimidated by surroundings
  9. Teachers' Christian Fellowship
    • members serving in remote areas
    • involvement in C.F. groups and teaching Bible Knowledge
  10. Bible Knowledge Classes
    • teachers to be diligent
    • more pupils to attend
    • results to be encouraging
    • to bring a better understanding of God and blessings to those who make a commitment to study it
  11. Quit Rent & Leases on School Land - to be reduced where there is a debt
    • to be dealt with nation wide with a Ministry circular
    • that the Land Authority will be open to negotiation
  12. Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade Companies in Schools
    • that the schools will start BB and GB
    • that many Christians will volunteer to be officers/helpers
    • that there will be a teacher to be a Liason officer between the church and the school
  13. Buildings - thank God for what we we have
    • that repair and maintenance requisition will be dealt with promptly by state officers
  14. Parents & PTA's
    • to be appreciative and supportive
    • to take a genuine interest in their children
    • to support schoolfunctions and co-operate with the Principal
  15. Principals
    • all mission schools
    • those who encourage the sustaining of Christian traditions
    • courage and spiritual fervour
  16. Christian Teachers
    • to be the 'salt' and 'light'
    • to witness effectively by commitment and diligence
    • to be willing to go the extra mile
    • to take on extra responsibility even when it may not bring in extra renumeration
  17. C.F. Advisors
    • for courage and fervency in continuing their work
    • linking with S.U. for help and support
    • Christian teachers to volunteer their leadership in CF groups
    • vision to motivate and encourage pupils
  18. B.K. Exam Panel
    • the appointment of suitable persons to this panel
    • that the sitting and marking of SPM exam will be done fficiently and fairly
    • that the Exam. Syndicate will deal fairly in the administration of this paper
  19. Assistant Principals and Departmental Heads
    • to be innovative in their subjects
    • encourage a love for learning
  20. Counsellors and Librarians
    • to seek ways of meeting the needs of pupils
    • to encourage READING as a hobby to be enjoyed
  21. Sports Secretaries
    • to inculcate a healthy attitude to sport
    • to encourage a good sporting spirit and willingness to train hard
  22. Prefects & Monitors
    • high code of moral behaviour
    • boldness to uphold the school motto and philosophy
    • to be helpful to teachers
    • to encourage good Discipline
  23. School Chaplains & Pastoral Counselling
    • that the School Chaplains are available to give Spiritual guidance and counselling to the school
    • that they may contribute to the Christian ethos and environment of the school
  24. Leaders in Extra-Mural Activities
    • to be honest and fair in all their dealings
    • to encourage the timid and weak
  25. House Captains
    • to be able to balance their school work and activities
    • to learn to delegate some responsibility
  26. C.F. Leaders
    • to be good witnesses to the gospel
    • to share God's goodness to them with friends
    • to be regular in their Quiet Time
  27. BK Postal & Oral Quiz
    • for Organising Committee and team of teachers
    • for wider participation
    • for encouragement from churches in participating
  28. M.C.S.C. Executive Committee Members
    • to be diligent in attending meetings
    • to carry out their responsibilities
    • to be able to network in their own churches
  29. Christian Federation of Malaysia
    • for all churches to be supportive of M.C.S.C. efforts
    • for co-operation from member churches in sourcing suitable candidates as Principals
  30. New Principals & Head Teachers
    • for wisdom, courage and good health in carrying out their duties
    • for co-operation from teachers, P.T.A. and Boards
    • for joy in serving
  31. Building Extension
    • for wise use of land resources
    • for successful raising of funds
    • for grants from the Ministry and public donations

(adapted from The Malayan Christian Schools’ Council Prayer Calendar)


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