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Bible Knowledge 9221 for SPM


This syllabus provides for the study of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ as found in the Gospel According To St. Luke and the growth of the Early Church as contained in the Acts of the Apostles. The Today’s English Version (Good News Bible) is the accepted standard text. Candidates, however, will not be penalized if they use other versions in their answers. The syllabus requires a minimum of two hours instruction per week over a period of two years.


The general aim of this course is to acquire knowledge and understanding of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and the growth of the Early Church. Candidates will be expected to :

  1. recall and select factual information;
  2. describe, explain, relate and compare and contrast events and teachings in an organized manner,
  3. describe and show an understanding of the role and importance of special people;
  4. appreciate the Christian response to moral issues.


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