Our Story

  • The arrival of the first Methodist Missionaries, William F. Oldham and Dr. James M. Thoburn, in Singapore.

    THE EARLY MISSIONARIES were the pioneers in establishing schools in Malaya, sparking The Methodist Mission. They included church pastors, school principals and teachers. Land was bought, or donated by a few generous , well-meaning peron.

    The Mission’s success led to the beginnings of Anglo-Chinese School in Penang, Malaya during 1891.

  • The first Methodist School: Anglo Chinese School in Penang, Malaysia.

    Founded by Rev. G.F. Pykett, Rev. James Hoover, Rev. Preston Peach and Rev. Ho Seng Ong, the school was one of the leading schools with great names etched in the school’s history. Following the establishment of the first school, the Methodist Mission continued to expand across Malaya.

  • More than half a century of expansion led to an enrollment of 72,597 pupils across Singapore to Sibu in East Malaysia. (Ho Seng Ong, Methodist Schools in Malaysia, 1964)

    The expansion includes pre-school to pre-university grades
    Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore:
    • 95 English Medium Institutions
    • 11 Chinese Medium schools
    • 6 Tamil Medium schools
    Sarawak, East Malaysia
    • 25 Schools
  • Establishment of Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

    Expanding towards tertiary education, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur was established in 1983 to deliver excellent and quality education to a wider audience.

  • Establishment of Wesley Methodist Schools

    Keeping in tune with the modernising world, the different schools grew and evolved to better serve the demands and needs of the market, leading to changes in some school’s name, curriculum, or even direction.

    In 2010, Wesley Methodist Schools were established with the mission to provide education with Excellence and Compassion through holistic development. With the spirit of the Methodist philosophy, WMS continuously expands to provide quality, affordable, and holistic education for the ever-growing market.

  • Progress and Growth

    Malaysia today has seen an explosion of education institutions, touching all fabrics of society, regardless of race, religion and class; each promoting holistic education with an emphasis on character development. At present we have:

    • 32 Methodist primary schools
    • 23 secondary schools
    • 8 Methodist international & private schools
    • 2 Methodist private colleges of higher learning
    • 1 HOPE Methodist Vocational Centre

    The Methodist Church continues to be at the forefront of educating the young of our nation, modelling our Lord Jesus Christ who is our Healer and Teacher.